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Literacy focuses on developing each child's ability to understand and use language as an integral part of learning in all areas in order to interact effectively with the world around them, to express themselves creatively and to communicate confidently (through Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing) using a variety of skills and media.  Language and Literacy are fundamental prerequisites for thinking, learning and interacting in personal, social and work contexts throughout life. Literacy is therefore a key to learning as well as a key to enjoyment and personal growth.

Key Stage 1 Guidance materials
Leadership and Management
Linguistic Phonics
Talking and Listening
Using Film and Media in the Primary School
Resources for developing Literacy through Media

Developing Drama from F Stage to K Stage 3     (0.23 MB)

Guidance for Developing a Scheme of Work (updated 2014)     (0.32 MB)

Guidance for developing a Scheme of Work for Foundation Stage (updated 2014)     (0.11 MB)

Guidance for developing a Scheme of Work for Poetry     (0.02 MB)

Guidance for developing Drama - F Stage to K Stage 3     (0.23 MB)

Motivating Boys     (2.13 MB)

Observaion and Assessment of Literacy in F Stage     (1.15 MB)

Phonological awareness     (7.84 MB)

Planning for Literacy and Numeracy - an overview     (0.08 MB)

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